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About Van Dao

Long story in short, I've been up and down many times in my life, sometimes quite traumatic experiences while others are happiest moments. However, very few of them were recorded or photographed beautifully and meaningfully. I do not want that happen again...My mission now is to do everything I can through photography, from lighting, posing to emotion-evoking, to help keep your story alive and beyond. 

By beautifully I mean the beauty from within, it is your soul, your dream and kindness. The extent to which even a criminal -in legal terms- I believe, do have moments that himself wants to show love and passion, would you not agree?

 So let the turbulence and roughness of life behind and start refining your true human being. In doing so you may allow me, just a guy lucky enough, to capture the 'now moments' of yourself. No matter what career you have,  you are as a brand with a unique personal identity and character that would be meaningful to someone in this beautiful world. 

Tell me more about your dream, stories and achievements, during the professional shooting session, as a friend would make me feel even more special and grateful to know who you are. I am ready to listen and photograph you NOW. Please feel free to contact me.

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